New York City Chapter of Association of Energy Engineers
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The NY-AEE Chapter meets on the third Tuesday of each month, except July, August and December.

NY-AEE Chapter 2016-17 Program Schedule

Date Topic Speaker Presentations
September 20, 2016 Local Law 88: Lighting Upgrades and Sub-metering 1. Mr. Michael Casolari, CircuitMeter USA

2. Mr. Bruce Curtis, Pearl Street LED Lighting Systems
1. Local Law 88 (PDF, 1.01 MB)

2. LED Lighting and Controls (PDF, 2.04 MB)

October 18, 2016 The Energy Code 1. Duncan Brown, NYC DOB

2. Carl Ian Graham, PE, Vidaris, Inc.

3. Jeffrey Rios, PE, LEED AP, In Posse - AKF's High Performance Building Lab

1. 2016 NYC Energy Code MEP Changes (PDF, 3.75 MB)

2. Inside the Energy Code (PDF, 1.77 MB)

November 15, 2016 Building Automation Systems 1. Dom Lempereur, Director of East Coast Operations, kW Engineering

2. Greg Barnes, Vice President, Activelogix

3. Paul Reale, Building Performance Lab, CUNY Institute for Urban Systems

1. Real Time Energy Management Program (PDF, 429 KB)

2. RTEM: Gaps & Solutions (PDF, 1.03 MB)

3. Advanced Building Automation and Management Systems (PDF, 2.27 MB)

4. Our Industry has Evolved (PDF, 1.7 MB)

January 17, 2017 Comfort and Balancing 1. Jonathan Flothow, Steam Expert

2. Jeffrey Sadoff, President, Thermal Thinkers INC.

1. TBD

February 21, 2017 Innovative Tariffs and Changes 1. Raghu Sudhakara,Section Manager, Regulatory Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement, for Con Edison’s Energy Efficiency and Demand Management Department

2. Jesse Feinberg, Manager for Regulatory Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement for Con Edison’s Energy Efficiency and Demand Management Department

1. Evolution of Con Edison efforts in Energy Efficiency and Demand Management (PDF, 2.7 MB)
March 21, 2017 Wind Power – Fact or Fiction for NYC? 1. Brian Gemmel - VP at National Grid

2. Clint Plummer - VP at Deepwater Wind

3. Clarke Bruno - VP at Senior VP and General Counsel at Anabaric Transmission

4. Anthony Perriera - President and CEO at AltPower

1. Offshore Wind Review from Europe & National Grid Developments in US (PDF, 1.6 MB)

2. Wind Panel (PDF, 2.7 MB)
April 18, 2017 Integrated Hybrid/DG and Batteries 1. Tria Case, University Director of Sustainability, CUNY

2. Nicholas Petrakis, Associate Project Manager, FDNY

3. Oisin O’Brien, CEO, GridMarket LLC

4. Tom Scali, NE Regional Sales Manager, and David Droz, Applications Engineer, Demand Energy Networks, Inc.

5. Jason Doling, NYSERDA

1. NYC Resilient Solar Roadmap - Tria Case (PDF, 2.49 MB)

2. Battery Energy Storage Systems - Nicholas Petrakis (PDF, 264 KB)

3. Grid Market - Oisin O'brien (PDF, 3.69 MB)

4. Demand Energy Networks - David Droz (PDF, 3.16 MB)

5. NYSERDA - Jason Doling (PDF, 614 KB)
May 16, 2017 NY Reforming the Energy Vision - Updates from the NYPSC, NYSERDA and Consolidated Edison 1. John Garvey, Director, Office of Clean Energy, NY PSC

2. Kevin Hale, Director of Utility Affairs and Strategic Partnerships at NYSERDA

3. Steve Wemple, General Manager, Utility of the Future, with Consolidated Edison

1. VDER Order, REV Demo, and CEAC - John Garvey (PDF, 548 KB)

2. Value of DER Implementation - Steve Wemple (PDF, 1.23 MB)

June 20, 2017 Awards Gala Keynote Speaker: Adam Hinge, Managing Director, Sustainable Energy Partnerships